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Latest News – Sunday September 4th 

We have been so grateful to God for leading us to the Bee Creek Park Pavilion (they have two – we use the smaller one) as our base for outdoor preaching. It has been an exciting and promising challenge.

First we fought the wind blowing our stand-up screen over. So, we bought a silver tarp and stretched it tightly to the wall, but it was awful. It ate up all the projected light, making it hard to see anything at all. Finally, we discovered a simple solution of using our original screen upside down. It works perfectly… thank you Jesus!

Then, the wind turned to super-heat and took a toll on our health, but God gave us grace and we practiced better hydration, etc. Some Sundays were cancelled due to Harold’s busy season at work.

Meanwhile, the city has started a bike & jogging trail slated to flow right past our pavilion. As we see it, God is routing traffic past the preaching of His Word. Like John the Baptist, we hope to stand out in the wilderness until the wilderness stands out for God.

We replaced our stolen equipment and our four young men came back one Sunday, bringing yet two more boys (plus two of their own puppies) to play with Vader (our greeter dog)! Praise God for whatever He is doing – it is a privilege just to serve Him!

Today we will be back at the park in full force, hoping to catch some Labor Day weekend picnickers (or whatever the Lord has planned). In honor of Labor Day, we have a message entitled, “How Shall We Escape” inspired by the historic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy which provoked so many of today’s labor safety laws.

Personally, this will be the first time I have ever preached on Hell-fire in an evangelistic setting. Like many of my preacher friends, I enjoy preaching about the softer side of the Gospel and prefer leaving the subject of Hell to more theological settings.

However, it is clear from my studies that evangelical revivalists of the past (including our Lord Jesus) never avoided the subject of Hell and Judgment. Therefore, I must ask myself the same question I will ask any attendees today: HOW SHALL I ESCAPE if I neglect to preach the full weight of Christ’s salvation? Needless to say, we appreciate your prayers.

We have also prepared a bag of little gifts for young people. So, any young person coming this week having written the names of the 12 disciples on a piece of paper can reach into the grab bag and claim a prize.

Next week is 9/11 (my birthday), but more importantly the date of the terrorist attack onNew York’sTwinTowersten years ago. God is already giving me the seed thoughts for a sermon on this occasion — your prayers are again welcome.

Both the Labor Day and 9/11 PowerPoint sermons will be provided on the website to be freely used by anyone who wishes to reach souls in their area of influence.

Also, for the next few Tuesday nights (in the bible school) we will be looking at an area of interest to many Christians: Genesis 3: 16 & 17 – The Marriage Relationship: Fallen, Redeemed & Glorified. Please email us with your interest if you plan to attend.

God bless you all and thank you reading,

Therese Greenberg

www.aggielandfaith.org – For Seekers & New Believers

www.ckbrazos.org – Bible School & Outreach Ministry




  • This is really wonderful, Therese. Sounds like you guys are living a full life and ministry in CS. I wish you happy days and good success for Gods Kingdom. A very nice newsletter, also. Happy Birthday, Sis. Love to you and Harold, Sue

  • Thanks Sue,

    Happy birthday to you too young one!

    Keep us in your prayers as we attempt to “burn out” for God rather than “rust out” as the old-timers used to say.

    Oops, I guess we are the old-timers now!

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