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On the Path of Life — Latest News From Aggieland Faith

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Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Psalm 16:11

Now that the heat is under control and the bike path is in place, God has been blessing our park church with young people. It started with one young man named Felix who has proved to be an Andrew (the apostle) spreading the word and bringing his friends.

Our last couple services were attended by 8 to10 very gregarious youth ranging in age from about 8 to about 15. We are supplying snacks, doing crafts, singing songs and presenting two sermons – one for the littles and one for the biggies.

These amazing young people are extremely hungry – some just for the snacks and others for the Word of God. This week we taught about the Passover Lamb and the Lamb of God. The Halloween angle was, “When Jesus Went as a Lamb.”

The youths asked amazing questions throughout the sermon and added their own thoughts. They were so insightful it had to be the truth-unveiling work of the Holy Ghost. We were reminded of 12 year old Jesus in the temple. Harold and I felt privileged just to be there.

God is also blessing us logistically. Some of these big, burly 14 and 15 year old boys volunteered to help us set up and tear down.

  • Marcia Lightsey:

    Glad to hear the news. Charity was going to drop by Sunday but her party ran too long. Keep up the faithful service!

    • Wow, Charity! The young people would love her… What would she be doing… balloons, preaching, teaching, face painting, singing & playing her guitar… ? ? ?
      What a blessing she and her trusty companion would be.

  • Gary:

    So cool to see and read this. Fruit of a mission field ( the best kind, rather than transferred growth). Love this 🙂


    • Harold and I like to say, “This is highway and byway stuff.” We just set up, preach and see what happens.

      We have even stopped trying to, “nail it down” by getting all the names and addresses for follow-up. We just spread invitations and preach. We also have packets we send home with the kids.

      One lady (who found a packet in her home) came last week with her daughter. She asked, “Where do these kids come from… do they just show up?” That’s right, they just “show up” — how cool is that?

      May God continue to give us His grace to do this, whether or not there is apparent fruit.

  • Gary:

    Funny how some things look good on paper (the addresses) but when ya just do it “things change.”

  • Gary:

    Could you give me your mailing address? Does this ministry have a legal name (business)?

    • Sure Gary,

      Our address is:

      Harold & Therese Greenberg
      301 Holleman Dr. E. #1211
      College Station, TX

      We do not, as yet, have a legal name; therefore, any gifts would be a blessing for the ministry but not tax deductable for the giver.

      That reminds me; one of the tween girls asked me if she could start giving something to help cover the cost of the snacks (I got goose-bumps) — how precious is that? I told her she could just bring extra food for the table if she liked.

      Also, a nice lady wants to tithe to us, but we want her to know that she will be forfeiting her tax deduction if she does.

  • Gary:

    Good to hear about some getting a heart to give. You know that you dont have to have a 501C3 right?

  • Gary:

    What is the zip code? Have you considered a donation box? Being that someone asked about giving. It could even go to another ministry or cause if you didnt want it to help what your doing… just a thought..

    • Sorry Gary, the zip is 77840.

      Your thoughts are always greatly appreciated. Harold and I have always been hesitant to “pass the plate.” I guess we are concerned that it will turn people off.

      A box for the pavilion is a good idea for those who want to give. No, I don’t know about the tax laws, what do we need?

      Our daughter and her husband send a monthly donation and my sister once sent a donation instead of an anniversary gift. Thanks for caring, friend.

      The lady I spoke of did not return as yet, but the ‘tween’ came with a bunch of pre-packaged snacks for the ‘snack table’ and asked if she might also contribute prizes for the ‘prize bag.’ She is like a zealous new convert.

      On Sunday, her parents came down to the pavilion to meet us. They have been in church in the past but are not in church now. They thanked us for being there.

      God is good and He will do what He will do!

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