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shine copyThese ‘family-style,’ evangelistic sermons are being preached at fairs, festivals, and other outdoor venues around Texas, USA.

The sermons & lessons are prepared for a mixed group including: children, youth and adults.

Feel free to download the PowerPoint presentations and change them to meet your ministry needs.

**Note: Several of these presentations include YouTube videos which you can download using a free program like: Free YouTube Download .


Want to encourage us in the Lord? Just take a moment to tell us about yourself and how you use (or will use) these presentations in your area.

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How to Start an Outdoor Ministry

Want to start an outdoor ministry? This article explains exactly what we do and what we have learned along the way.

We offer links to the equipment we use and instructions on the basics of sermon development–anyone can do it!

This can be used for training young ministers.


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  • Hi,

    I greet you in the wonderful name of our soon coming Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am a lay preacher and evangelist. In my Church, I am in the Children’s ministry department as an elder.

    You guys will never know how much your work has done to reach us in our little corner of Southern Africa. For two weeks now, I have been running a mini crusade for children in our church and I must tell you that its jam packed every night.

    Children love these neatly arranged power-point sermon slides that I have modified to suit our culture and environment. I have downloaded dozens and dozens of these lessons and I preach powerful sermons being aided by these technological inspired slides.

    May the good Lord that we serve bless you more abundantly as the world turns. Little is much when God is in it. Let go and let God

    Your blessed friend from Africa, South Africa


  • Bihag Nepthalie:

    Hey brethren, Nepthalie here in Philippines!

    I am indeed very glad using your powerpoint sermons for my pulpit ministry and outside church ministries.

    My name is Nepthalie B. Bihag, residing in the Philippines particularly Ormoc City, Leyte in Eastern Visayas, Region 8.

    My address is the following : Block 1 Lot 1 Holy Wings, Tambulilid, 6541 Ormoc City.

    I am married to Joycelyn Reyes, blessed with 4 males and 3 females.

    I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science In Agricultural Engineering, a five year course from Mindanao State University, Marawi City in 1983. I did not enjoy my course because my course has never been needed or used in the Philippines because Civil Engineering has been given priority than our course. So, my career now is in direct selling to make a living though financially is not sufficient to feed my 7 children. However, I was to able to budget it by God’s grace!

    I become a minister by volunteer after our city was hit by a flash flood in 1991. I was burdened because when there were about 8 thousand people died including children, I felt guilty and sad because those people died were unbelievers!

    My background : I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior when I was 14 years old, when in college I was active leader in a campus ministry through The Navigators.

    So, God talked to me to be in His Vineyard and to usher souls to His Kingdom in my city.

    So now by I am using your powerpoint sermons in my congregation. In short, you become part of the task has God has given to me in this city.

    I am looking forward that you will always become part of God’s ministry here in my city. Praise God!

    In His service,

    Nepthalie Bihag
    Servant of God

  • it is useful to us for our ministry in india

  • Billy K.M. Bbosa:


    Am grateful and very privileged finding your contact on the internet and I have downloaded ”Holy Week and Easter” PowerPoint presentation!

    Am in Africa, East Africa, Uganda, Kampala.

    My name is Billy (BBOSA Kibuuka Musoke Billy).

    Am a teacher, Church Am teaching at Uganda School for the Deaf-Ntinda, Kampala, teaching Deaf/Hard of Hearing young learners.

    Minister, Social Community Development Worker.

    Am Chaplain(Anglican Chaplaincy) at St Mary’s College Lugazi-SMACOL.

    Am engaged in various community development activities befitting my responsibilities and reach above.

    I envisage starting SHARE, and is now in the foundation/basic stages.

    SHARE – SPIRITUAL HARVEST AWARENESS REACHING EVERYONE is to make wider outreaches to the population with Christian practical trainings, workshops, visitations, crusades , retreats and consultancy for transformation and empowerment and the like in a changing world , yet with transferring techniques, disseminating the knowledges/skills attained for and towards peaceful Christian lifestyle, loving and supportive communities.

    This shall be mainly through use /application and provision of Gospel /Christian of resources /publications e.g. tracts, periodicals, prayer letters, theological books/fiction, Bible study courses, tools/aids-Dictionaries, Concordances, Books, Booklets, Bookmarkers, Factsheets, Posters, Calendars, Stickers, Monographs, Brochures-version resources /publications on CD ROMs , DVDs among others all to knowing and receiving /accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior for a Christian lifestyle.

    God bless,

    BBOSA K.M. Billy,

    POB 18010,




  • Tatit Kupang:

    I am Tatit, K-Pact Indonesia Director and Baptist Missionary in Timor Island. Feel bless through your ministry. I have big hope that we can working together to win INDONESIA trough preaching gospel and evangelism,

    Take Care, Tatit

  • Shanthakumar Hubli:

    Dear Child of God,

    I am 63, widower, retired as principal of girls’ high school, evangelist, deacon in the church, Bible teacher, disciple to disciple Indian brothers and sisters for I am Indian.

    Now I am at Saarlouis, Germany with my eldest daughter for three months and I am teaching on standing at the Mercy seat of God for self edification and blessing, and also for others sake as the high priest did once for year.

    I need some more light on this matter and your prayer support so that I make the disciples and not just listeners now and when I go back to India in June this year.

    I shall be grateful for the response and prayers,

    Servant of God


  • Prasad Bellan:

    I have been looking for powerpoint presentation to preach the gospel as many of our students seem to have liking for powerpoint slides( help them understand better). I bumped into your site and am glad I did. Those powerpoint slides are wonderful.

    I am a missionary in Cambodia and working among the university and high school students. God bless your ministry.

    Here for HIM,


    • Dear Brother Prasad,

      We love your closing. “Here for Him!” Thanks for that – it’s touching.

      And thank you for your words of encouragement, they help to give us strength to go out and work for Him.

      We minister to the unchurched in a city park, and we also find the PowerPoint slides help maintain interest.

      Your letter makes us feel like we also have a small part in what God is doing in Cambodia. What a blessing,

      Thank you Jesus.

      Harold & Therese

  • Thank you very very much
    I have really enjoyed your sermons
    I’m a 16 year old preacher from Ghana.
    Now developing my self
    Keep on because I am a big fan

    • Thank You Brother Bismark,
      Your comment is very encouraging to us. I remember when I was a 17 year old preacher, learning all I could about Jesus and the bible. We feel so proud of you and what you are doing. It is a privilege to have a connection with you in God’s work. Keep up the good work.

  • I like your website very much
    keep on

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