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God Bless

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This evangelistic sermon was preached at Bee Creek Park, College Station, TX
(in the Anderson Arboretum Pavilion)

Feel free to join us Sundays at the park at 2pm

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The Beatitudes — Presentation Transcript

•1. The Beatitudes (beautiful attitudes) or The Bad Attitudes
•2. Jesus went up on amountainside and sat down… and he began to TeachBUT, WHAT DID HE TEACH?
•3. The world loves a big shot Or…
•4. Blessed are the humble minded for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
•5. The world saysbe angry, betough Or…
•6. Blessed are those whomourn, forthey will be comforted
•7. The world saysmight makesright Or…
•8. Blessed are themeek, for they will inherit the earth
•9. The world saysit’s either you or theOther guy Or…
•10. Blessedare those whohunger and thirst for Fairness and Justice forThey shall be filled
•11. The world says Weakness is dangerous Show no mercy Or…
•12. Blessedare the merciful, forthey will be shown mercy
•13. The world says it won’t hurt toThink aboutbad things Or…
•14. Blessed are thepure in heart, for they will see God
•15. The world loves a good fight Or…
•16. Blessedare thepeacemakers, they for will be called children of God
•17. The world wants You to be afraid To talk about Jesus or
•18. Blessed who are are thosepersecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven And finally, jesus says:
•19. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you… because you love meRejoice glad, because and be great is your reward in heaven
•20. REVIEW1. Jesus said “Blessed are the poor inspirit, for _____.” A. they shall be comforted B. theirs is the kingdom of heaven. C. they shall be filled
•21. 2. “Blessed are those who mourn for_____.” A. they shall be filled B. theirs is the kingdom of heaven C. they shall be comforted.
•22. 3. “Blessed are those who hunger andthirst after righteousness for _____.” A. they shall be called sons of God B. they shall be filled. C. they shall see God
•23. 4. “Blessed are the merciful for _____.” A. they shall obtain mercy. B. they shall see God C. theirs is the kingdom of heaven
•24. 5. “Blessed are the pure in heart for_____.” A. they shall obtain mercy B. they shall be filled C. they shall see God.
•25. 6. “Blessed are the peacemakers for_____. A. they shall be comforted B. they shall be called the sons of God. C. they shall be filled
•26. 7. When we suffer even though we havedone nothing wrong we are being _____. A. persecuted for righteousness sake. B. a peacemaker C. merciful
•27. 8. People who are pure in heart _____. A. watch bad shows on television B. play violent video games C. fill their minds with good thoughts.
•28. 9. The person who hungers and thirstsfor righteousness wants to _____. A. eat all the time B. learn more about God. C. read more history books
•29. 10. To be truly blessed or happy wemust put Jesus first, _____. A. ourselves second and others last B. others second and ourselves last. C. and care for no one else

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