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Newsletter: April 26, 2012


The CK Concepts List -10 Top Words

If I were to express, in single words, which concepts or principles are most crucial to Campaign Kerusso / Aggieland Faith, which 10 single words would I choose?


The first would be “Jesus” – not merely as a name to be invoked for some kind of efficacy in prayer, but as a feeling person, our Master, the King, the lover of my soul and personal Savior. His story must be told again and again. He must be loved!

“Christmas,” “crucifixion” and “Easter” are next. We want to insure that the incarnation, vicarious death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ are central and prominent in all our teaching.

“Sin” and “forgiveness” are next. These are two sides of the same coin. We need to understand our sinfulness to truly understand and appreciate God’s forgiveness. The Holy Spirit is singularly commissioned with convincing the world of sin, so that He might then draw us to God to receive forgiveness. It is a beautiful and divine process.

Next are “go,” “preach” and “send.”  These three words express the exciting duty of the Church. As exemplified by our Lord and the early church before us, we are, each and every one, commissioned to leave our places of comfort, preach the Gospel to the lost and send others to do the same.

The last word (but certainly not least) is “bible.” The bible itself commands us to study it, “Study” to become, “a worker who has no need to be ashamed” 2 Tim. 2:15. The bible is saying, “You need to know me.”

We believe that knowledge of the entire bible is crucial to personal faith, knowing Jesus deeply and ministering Jesus to others.

In summary, here are the 10, single word principles of greatest emphasis at Campaign Kerusso / Aggieland Faith:

  • Jesus
  • Christmas
  • Crucifixion
  • Easter
  • Sin
  • Forgiveness
  • Go
  • Preach
  • Send
  • Bible

With God’s help, may we never stray from their centrality.

Easter in the Park

This Easter, we were privileged to have our daughter with her husband and four kids ministering with us in the park.

It was rewarding to be taught by our daughter Amanda (Mandee) and watch our own grandkids run with zeal to the occasional passerby to hand out packets of gospel literature. We were also gratefully blessed with the assistance of our son-in-law Ken who pitched in with our laborious setting-up and tearing-down. Watch the Video Here  

Tabernacle in the Tabernacle – Based on a Study by Beth Moore

A friend of mine (in California) has requested to study “The Tabernacle” with me. This is a subject I have loved and studied throughout my Christian life, so I was interested to revisit it. My friend suggested we use Beth Moore’s study, so I bought the “leader’s kit.” Combined with my other collected studies on the “The Tabernacle,” it was a welcome addition to my resources.


The only problem was, “How can I add this to my other studies including preparations for Saturday and Sunday in the Park?” Then, as I was washing dishes, it came to me, “Tabernacle in the Tabernacle!”

Aggieland Faith, our outreach at Bee Creek Park, is held in the Andy Anderson pavilion behind the ball fields. It is truly a tabernacle in the park.

The biblical Tabernacle was God’s choice for the worship of His people. As a tent, it spoke of our temporal existence on this earth and God’s desire to witness to the people round about (the bystanders). Most importantly, the crucial elements of the gospel are expressed through the Tabernacle furnishings. It is an exciting study of Jesus in the Old Testament.

The Tabernacle is about the express presence of God… His desire to be WITH His people. We too are blessed with His sweet presence in our own Andy Anderson pavilion each week.

We will begin this free study this coming Sunday (April 29th) at Bee Creek Park. Each Sunday, we have two services. The first starts at 2:00 p.m. and it is primarily for younger children, concluding with crafts.

The second service is for older kids, youth and adults. It follows the craft time, so the time is approximate (usually around 3:00 p.m.) We will study the Tabernacle (using Beth Moore’s study) throughout the summer. This is a study for both men and women! 

Campaign Kerusso Around the World

One exciting development at Campaign Kerusso is the world’s response to our free PowerPoint sermons. These sermons are viewed and downloaded by hundreds around the world, including Muslim and Communist countries.

What a blessing it is to know these PowerPoint sermons are being preached in the remote parts of the world. Who knows what God is doing with them?!?!

Praise God and God bless the teachers & preachers using them. Free PowerPoint Sermons 


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