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I thought it reasonable that I should seek to work where the work was most abundant and the workers fewest.”

Scottish missionary James Gilmour on why he went to Mongolia

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Moses (Sin Enslaves, Jesus sets Us Free)  


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Free PowerPoint Sermon Transcript: Moses (Sin Enslaves, Jesus sets Us Free)

Song: Go Down Moses
Song: Pharaoh Pharoah
Moses is a Mere Reflection of Jesus to Come
Moses is a Mere Reflection of Jesus to Come
Moses said:
“The Lord your God will send you a prophet, an Israelite like me. You must listen to him.”
Deut. 18:15
Just as Jesus was called to save men from the bondage of their sins, Moses was called to save the Jews from the bondage of slavery in Egypt.
“God said to Abram, ‘Know for sure that your children and those born after them will be strangers in a land that is not theirs. There, they will be servants and suffer for 400 years.”’ Gen 15:13
Exodus Means: “To Get Out”
We are going to learn how the Israelites got out of Egypt & slavery.
God always hears true prayer:
“A long time passed and that king of Egypt died. But the Israelites were still forced to work very hard. They cried for help, and God heard them.” Ex. 2:23
He heard their prayers and He hears ours:
“In my trouble I called to the Lord. Yes, I cried out to my God for help. There in his temple he heard my voice. He heard my cry for help.” 2 Sam. 22:7
“Don’t think that the Lord is too weak to save you or too deaf to hear your call for help!” Isa 59:1
“Here is a poor man who called out. The Lord heard him and saved him from all his troubles.”
Psalm 34:6
Like Jesus, Moses cared about the suffering of his people:
“When he was forty years old, he thought he should visit his brothers, the Jews. He saw one of the Jews being hurt. Moses helped the Jew and killed the man from Egypt.”
Acts 7:23.24
He tried to save the Hebrew with his own power, but the problem was too big for Moses alone. It would take miracles.
“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt so you would no longer be their slaves. I broke the YOKE of slavery from your neck so you can walk with your heads held high.” Lev. 26:13
Jesus says that we are still slaves if we allow sin in our lives. We become slaves to sin.
Sin is when we want to be in charge of our lives without God.
But, without God, we are unable to free ourselves from sin.
We become slaves to sin. We may even want to stop, but we can’t—sin controls us.
His own sins will trap the sinful. He will be held with the ropes of his sin. Pv. 5:22
Jesus answered them, “For sure, I tell you, everyone who sins is the servant of sin because sin has a hold on him. Jn. 8:34
Just as God used Moses to set the slaves of Egypt free, He used Jesus to set us free from slavery to sin!
“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” Mat. 11:28
“Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Mat. 11:29
“I led them with ropes, but they were ropes of love. I was like a person who set them free. I bent down and fed them..” Hos. 11:4
He is Our Master, yet He Does all the Work!
“So if the Son makes you free, you are really free.”
John 8:36
Song: Set Me Free
Never Go Back to Slavery!
Video: The Sin Chair
Song: Remember Your Chains

  • A Letter from Cambodia:

    I have been looking for powerpoint presentation to preach the gospel as many of our students seem to have liking for powerpoint slides( help them understand better). I bumped into your site and am glad I did. Those powerpoint slides are wonderful.

    I am a missionary in Cambodia and working among the university and high school students. God bless your ministry.

    Here for HIM,



    Dear Brother Prasad,

    We love your closing. “Here for Him!” Thanks for that – it’s touching.

    And thank you for your words of encouragement, they help to give us strength to go out and work for Him.

    We minister to the unchurched in a city park, and we also find the PowerPoint slides help maintain interest.

    Your letter makes us feel like we also have a small part in what God is doing in Cambodia. What a blessing,

    Thank you Jesus.

    Harold & Therese

  • Joanes siangs:

    good sermons and explained God bless u.

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