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From Our Heart to Yours

(Our Burden and Vision)

We are Harold and Therese Greenberg (aka, Campaign Kerusso).


In past years, we have been involved in evangelistic ministries using various soul-winning methods, but in 2011 our direction began to focus more on the exact wording of the Great Commission. He said, “Go,” and “Preach.” While many evangelistic methods are effective, i.e., door to door, lifestyle, one on one, social activities, attractive sanctuaries, writing books, etc., we have come to believe that outdoor preaching to random unbelievers is choice—God’s “foolish,” soul-saving choice.


Since God in his wisdom saw to it that the world would never know him through human wisdom, he has used our foolish preaching to save those who believe. I Cor. 1:21 (NLT).


Outdoor preaching has been the historic choice of Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus our Lord, New Testament disciples, and the major revivalists of recent centuries. It is an effort, it looks and feels “foolish,” and it often yields no discernable fruit. Considering all this, we said to ourselves, “So what! It’s scary, but what if we stop procrastinating, buck-up and just go do it?!”



In 2011, we began preaching in a local park pavilion. We now have a tent we set up at outdoor events such as festivals, flea-markets, public areas—anywhere venders may rent space. We call it “TheSonShineTent.”

We are often tempted to just stay home but, when we do get ourselves out there, it is a most rewarding ministry.  We may feel “foolish” and our efforts may be awkward, but we love the way the Lord’s presence fills both the tent and our hearts. We also love the various people we meet along the way.


Yet, we yearn for more. Not only more fruit, but more workers in His field. Although it would be exciting to motivate large teams to outdoor preaching, we are again reminded of what scripture teaches us. Every prophet worked alone or with a single side-kick. John the Baptist worked alone and Jesus sent His teams out by twos. The Holy Spirit even started world missions with only two men, Paul and Barnabas.




One day as these men were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Dedicate Barnabas and Saul for the special work to which I have called them.” Acts 13:2 (NLT)



Perhaps the small size keeps the decision making simple. Perhaps it keeps the evangelists dependent on one another—each one must pull his/her weight. Perhaps the evangelists give each other needed moral support. Most likely, however, God just likes to do much with little, that He might be glorified.




We will continue (small as we are) and it occurs to us that we may be able to help others who hear the Savior’s call. To this end, we are offering believers step by step instructions on how they might start an outdoor ministry of their own.

Continue Here for Our Step by Step Instructions

Includes links to the equipment we use and instructions on the basics of sermon development.







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