The core truth of the gospel is that the Lord of Heaven and Earth abased Himself to save the object of His love—mankind. His Crown tells the story. He laid it aside only to be given a cruel crown of thorns in its stead. But, that is not the end of the story, is it!? Read the rest of this entry »
This Christmas sermon is based on the song, “Strange Way to Save the World” by 4Him. Added images and relevant scriptures bring this truth to life. Read the rest of this entry »
The tree on which Jesus was crucified, though covered in blood and decked with nothing but the lifeless body of a man with a mocking sign above His head, is the most beautiful Christmas tree ever! Read the rest of this entry »
Jesus is God’s gift to the world! On that first Christmas, the Father gave His everything -- His only begotten Son! His gift came to us in a plain wrapper – human flesh. This wrapper was torn open at the cross where the gift was fully manifest. Read the rest of this entry »
There are bells in the bible, they are around the hem of the High Priest’s robe. Today, we are Christ's bells. In this lesson, we examine what the bells are ringing about. Even in times of violence and unrest, peace on Earth good will to men. Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson, we examine just 20 of the over 350 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus during His short time on Earth. The wonderful video at the end is 42 minutes long, and is good for playing in the background during an ‘altar time’ or ‘after service.’ Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson we cover the "Badger Skin" tent covering. Like Christ in the flesh, this outermost covering was not attractive to the casual observer, yet it held untold riches within. Read the rest of this entry »
Can we ever have enough? Will we ever be satisfied? This sermon examines the differences between a grateful and an ungrateful heart. What is the true path to overflowing joy? Read the rest of this entry »
Our precious Savior has walked beside us and paddled along with us through life’s raging waters, yet we neglect and forget Him daily. Should Jesus be forgotten or should we renew that love we first felt way back at the cross of old? Note: This lesson contains a Christianized version of "Auld Lang Syne." Read the rest of this entry »

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