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Many of us have Fathers who are flawed & in need of our forgiveness, but our Heavenly Father is all-loving. He will never reject anyone who turns to Him. Read the rest of this entry »
Our Redeemer started His saving work here on Earth (at the cross) and finished it when He entered Heaven with the redemption payment--His own blood. Standing in bronze sockets, under their silver caps, the tabernacle pillars typify this Heaven/Earth redemption connection. Read the rest of this entry »
This lesson compares the behavior of sheep to the nation of Israel and to all mankind. We examine the difference between bad and good shepherds. Read the rest of this entry »
Nine lepers were healed and duly religious (showing themselves to the priest), but one was thankful and Jesus took notice. Jesus looks at the heart!!! Read the rest of this entry »
When we remember the extent of God’s forgiveness toward us, we will be free to forgive others… seventy times seven times. Read the rest of this entry »
The concept of a sacrificial lamb is universal and timeless. It is especially prominent in Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This lamb is at the heart of the Gospel. In this lesson we learn how God has inserted the promise of the “Lamb of God” throughout the scriptures. Read the rest of this entry »
This PowerPoint combines film clips with illustrations of Jesus' "last" week leading to His death and resurrection. Read the rest of this entry »
The story of the baby Moses told with a Resurrection emphasis. Read the rest of this entry »
What does an artist care about more than anything—His work! His work is a reflection of his heart and skills. The universe shows us the amazing workmanship of God, but we are His masterpiece. He will never quit perfecting what he has begun, even if, like the potter, He needs to rework us few times. Read the rest of this entry »
Jesus knew that men were speculating about His identity. He asked His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” Is He a prophet—a king—the Christ!!? They were not ready to hear the truth, but He was ready to tell it—I AM! Read the rest of this entry »
Want to be more like Jesus? Keep looking for Him--keep your eyes on Him and you will be transformed into His image. Read the rest of this entry »
If the groundhog stays in his hole, winter will continue for six more weeks--so tradition says. But, if he comes out--spring has come. Thank God Jesus came out of his tomb and ended the winter of sin. Read the rest of this entry »
Hearing Jesus gives us faith and seeing Him gives us comfort. In this lesson we examine situations in which bible characters received comfort from their ability to see Jesus in the situation. Read the rest of this entry »
This could only happen in an outdoor service. A couple LDS young men from Utah pulled up on their bikes and listened to the second half of the Batman pt. 2 lesson. In this video, we testify to them about our salvation experiences. Read the rest of this entry »
Mankind has a unique sense of a reality that goes beyond what his five senses tell him. This lesson explains the longing and the moral compass that God has built into every human soul so that he might draw men to Himself. Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson, we examine just 20 of the over 350 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus during His short time on Earth. The wonderful video at the end is 42 minutes long, and is good for playing in the background during an ‘altar time’ or ‘after service.’ Read the rest of this entry »
Bats have amazing discernment—they never swallow anything that is bad for them. As we spend time in God’s Word, we become wiser seekers of truth and are not easily deceived by the enemy’s lies. Read the rest of this entry »
From His beloved inner circle, to those who followed Him solely for His miracles, to those who hated Him, Jesus had various levels of relationship with men. This sermon challenges the believer to draw closer to Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »
The bat navigates by listening—so too, believers soar through God’s calling by simply closing their eyes (to fears) and listening to His voice for direction. We learn to hear His voice by spending time in His Word. Read the rest of this entry »
This message examines The Shepherd's role as a 'sheep door' and His invitation to enter in and be safe. Read the rest of this entry »
This is the second of two special services we designed for some visitors from Turkey. This lesson covers “The Four Spiritual Laws” in both English and Turkish. The PowerPoint can be adapted to any two languages. Read the rest of this entry »
This is the first of two special services we prepared for some visitors from Turkey. This lesson uses portions of the Jesus movie in both English and Turkish to explain the Gospel. The PowerPoint can be adapted to any two languages. Read the rest of this entry »
This lesson compares the justice system of God with our own court systems. We have a choice: Do we want to demand a trial or will we throw ourselves on the MERCY of the court? The video starts with a skit and there are links to the downloadable plea agreement and the famous Law and Order “doink-doink” sound effect. Read the rest of this entry »
Thanksgivnukkah celebrates the once in a lifetime convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. What ever shall we eat? On a serious note, we examine the dark history of religious persecution (especially by misguided zealots) and the importance of freedom of religion for all. If we faithfully lift Him up, Jesus Christ is well able to draw men to Himself with love rather than a sword. Read the rest of this entry »
Cults, false religions and even false teachings within the church tend to err in one or more of these ten basic truths about Jesus Christ & salvation. Every other belief system is (at its core) a merit based system. Christianity alone is a MERCY based system. Read the rest of this entry »
This is part 2 of a two part sermon on the principle of travailing, birthing and launching. It uses the example of human birth and moves to the launching of ministries Read the rest of this entry »
This is part 1 of a two part sermon on the principle of travailing, birthing and launching. It uses the example of human birth and moves to the launching of ministries and revival movements. Read the rest of this entry »
This is part #2 of the lesson on the structure of the Tabernacle. The 48 boards are held by five bars joining them together as one. Likewise, the Body of Christ has many parts, yet is one body. Read the rest of this entry »
As our skin covers our bones, the coverings of the Tabernacle clothe the boards that give it structure. This is part #1 of this teaching about the Body of Christ -- a house, built on an unshakable solid foundation! Read the rest of this entry »
In Jesus' time, a Canaanite person was thought to be an idol worshipping heathen and long time enemy of Israel. Why would one of 'THEM' dare to speak to our Lord!? This is a story of humility, persistence and great faith!!! Read the rest of this entry »
Feeding the Bread of Life to a needy world is a daunting task. This story reminds us that Jesus needs only our willingness to serve, He will do the rest. The question and answer format of this lesson is designed to be thought provoking and conversation inducing. Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson we learn the names of the twelve disciples. We also learn that, as the Church, we have the same calling and commission as the twelve. Read the rest of this entry »
Our Second lesson on Moses compares the Hebrew's slavery with the bondage of sin. Read the rest of this entry »
As a part of our Easter weekend, our guest speaker, Mandee Smith, ministered on the Holy Spirit and His gifts. This lesson stresses the promise of Jesus -- that He would not leave us without a Comforter. The PowerPoint is designed in a way that any denomination can adjust the list of Biblical gifts according to preference. Read the rest of this entry »
This famous tale illustrates the battle between our old nature and our new Christ nature. Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson we cover the "Badger Skin" tent covering. Like Christ in the flesh, this outermost covering was not attractive to the casual observer, yet it held untold riches within. Read the rest of this entry »
Here we examine three things God's love is like: A slave master, rushing flood waters & perfume. Read the rest of this entry »
This is the story of how God used a kidnapped child to return to the land of his enslavement and preach The Gospel. It also shows how Patrick used a three leaf clover to explain The Trinity. Read the rest of this entry »
This review uses bible questions and bible video segments. This lesson covers the time period from Isaac to Moses. Read the rest of this entry »
Representing the blood of Jesus, the ram’s skin dyed red was the one covering given without a measurement. Truly, there is ‘no measure’ to His abundant grace and forgiveness. In this lesson we learn the meaning of ‘redemption’ and tell the wonderful story about the little boy who lost his toy boat and bought it back again saying, “Now your twice mine, for I have made you and I have bought you.” Read the rest of this entry »
The story of an elite Jewish citizen and a lowly one are here compared side by side. Though very different in social standing, these seekers of Christ’s favor were equals (in God’s eyes) in desperation and determined faith. Read the rest of this entry »
The second tabernacle covering we look at is a rough goat hair. This lesson covers the Sin Offering and the Scapegoat. The ugliness of our sins, and Christ’s willingness to bear them upon Himself will forever be at the heart of the Gospel story. Read the rest of this entry »
Can you think of a time when you were scared? How comforting it is to remember that Jesus is still in control. This presentation includes a great song called, “Sometimes He Calms the Storm, and other Times He Calms His Child!” Read the rest of this entry »
This is a simple question & answer approach to John 1:1-10. Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson we begin to examine the four coverings over the tent structure and what each one tells us about our Savior Jesus. The first, and nearest to the Holy of Holies, is the embroidered four colored cloth. We look at the meaning of each of the four colors. Read the rest of this entry »
This lesson explains the Lord's parable about the man who found a treasure in the field. Oh, how great is the worth of a human soul to God? How cheerfully He sacrifices all that He has to buy the field (the World) which harbors His hidden treasure (the Church). Read the rest of this entry »
This review uses bible questions and bible video segments. This lesson covers Noah, the tower of Babel and the call of Abram. Read the rest of this entry »
This review uses bible questions and bible video segments. This lesson covers Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Noah. Read the rest of this entry »
The Bible compares water baptism to familiar Old Testament bible stories (Noah’s Ark & Crossing the Red Sea) so that we might fully understand its meaning. This lesson teaches us what is at the heart of water baptism and its power as a testimony to others. It also teaches us what water baptism is not. Read the rest of this entry »
- Jesus thinks He is “God’s gift to the world” and that’s because, He is! On that first Christmas, the Father gave His everything -- His only begotten Son! His gift came to us in a plain wrapper – human flesh. This wrapper was torn open at the cross where the full gift was manifest. Read the rest of this entry »
This review uses bible questions and bible video segments. This lesson covers Creation and Adam and Eve. Read the rest of this entry »
The Roman soldier understood the nature of Jesus’ authority. As the ruler of the universe, Jesus only needs to speak to sickness, nature, demons or even death and they must obey Him. What happens when God's authority meets our faith -- miracles! Read the rest of this entry »
This is a very practical lesson with thought provoking questions on what it means to obey God with both our actions and our tongues. This presentation also includes the hilarious song “One Big Mess.” Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson, Jesus compares material things with Heavenly rewards. Read the rest of this entry »
“People can make all kinds of plans, but only the Lord’s plan will happen.” Proverbs 19:21 In this sermon, the life of Joseph is used as an example of God’s wisdom exceeding our own. Can we trust that God knows what He is doing? Read the rest of this entry »
Remember the age old question, “What is this thing called love?” How can we tell who really loves us? How can we know that we truly love others? Do we really love Christ? Jesus tells us how to know when genuine love is present. Read the rest of this entry »
This is a great tool for teaching and memorizing the Lord's Prayer. Read the rest of this entry »
Joseph didn’t seem like much when his brothers tried to kill him and then sold him into slavery. Little did they know they would one day be begging him to save their whole family. If we reject Jesus, He will let us, but we are rejecting the only one who can save us from our sins. Read the rest of this entry »
This lesson on the Ten Commandments, while explaining what each commandment means, teaches that we are unable to obey them by any means of our own. We need Jesus Christ living inside us and changing us into His glorious image. Read the rest of this entry »
It is amazing how many parallels to Christ’s life can be found in the story of Joseph. From the plot on his life to his exaltation and His forgiving of his brethren, Joseph is a picture of Jesus. This lesson looks our forgiving Savior through the life of Joseph. Read the rest of this entry »
“But God was with Joseph.” “But God!” These are the greatest two words in the bible. What Satan means for evil might be a threat to believers, BUT GOD… This sermon compares the rise of Joseph out of prison with the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb – very powerful. Read the rest of this entry »
Did you know that when the Israelites made camp, their tents were set up in the form of a cross? Did you know that the tabernacle furniture was laid out in the shape of a cross? Then there is the pure white linen fence—what does it tell us about Christ’s future bride? Read the rest of this entry »
“Does not the World hate you? Remember that it first hated me.” John 15:18 Joseph’s life is full of types and shadows of Christ. This first lesson on Joseph’s life demonstrates the persecution that will befall any believer who dares to live Godly. Surely Jesus was hated for His goodness, and, like Joseph, He rose in power. One day, those who persecuted Him will bow before Him. Read the rest of this entry »
When our Master returns, will He find us being faithful with the gifts and resources He provided? Are we investing in the Kingdom of God or just trying to get by and stay out of trouble? Read the rest of this entry »
In part 2 of God’s wilderness school we learn more about His Food from Heaven, Water from within and guiding Spirit. Read the rest of this entry »
Are you ready for Christ's return? This lesson includes a sing-along rap song. Read the rest of this entry »
The wilderness experience is God’s school of higher education. The Israelites had the presence of God in the form of the Tabernacle, Pillar of Smoke and Fire, Manna from Heaven, and Rock that babbled water. The graduates of this school have learned to be small children. Read the rest of this entry »
These brothers, born the same day, grew to desire different things from life. One brother had a heart for the things of God, while the other was content to fill his belly. What would you trade for Jesus? You name it—Jesus is better. He’s even better than football! Read the rest of this entry »
All people owe a debt to God for their sins. Although each of us owes a great deal, we tend to believe that some of us are less indebted than others—we believe in degrees of sinfulness. This story shows us that there are no degrees of sinfulness, but there are degrees of awareness of sin. Read the rest of this entry »
This lesson compares the basic duties of His people in three dispensations: Adam in the Garden, the Priests in the Tabernacle and the Believer in the Kingdom of God. Each are told to “ABAD” God (meaning both serve and worship depending on the translation). To God, worship is service and service is worship. Read the rest of this entry »
There is nothing small about our God—His crumbs are as great as His full loaves, His whispers are as mighty as His shouts and His tender touch is as moving as an earthquake. Often we fail to see His glory because we are looking too high. Look for Him in the everyday and glorify Him in the heart. Read the rest of this entry »
Through understanding the depth of love that Abraham had for his son Isaac, we can begin to understand what it took for the Heavenly Father to sacrifice His Son. This presentation contains the amazing and heart wrenching film, “The Bridge.” Read the rest of this entry »
Knock and keep on knocking!! This lesson examines the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament writers regarding the believer’s privilege of prayer. Read the rest of this entry »
Each and every one of us has suffered from broken promises sometime in our lives. We have also been guilty of breaking our own promises. Therefore, we have come to distrust promises – we consider them more as a ‘maybe’ than a ‘verily.’ But, there is a big difference between a promise made by men and a promise made by God! Read the rest of this entry »
This presentation uses ‘Memorial Day’ as a stepping stone to examine the ministry of Jesus as our High Priest standing before The Father, representing us with pierced side and nail-scarred hands. It also challenges believers to ‘remind’ God in prayer for our loved ones. Read the rest of this entry »
In this lesson we learn about how much our God loves to move forward—He is a walker, not a monument builder. Tents are fabric and believers are flesh. We are not granite stone, we are not statues. God wants to walk with us, not stake us down. Walking and talking is how we deepen relationships. Read the rest of this entry »
Jesus taught His disciples that the scriptures, from the book of Genesis forward, are actually about Him. He said, “Search the scriptures, for they testify of me.” This lesson teaches some basic principles for discovering the types and shadows of Jesus in the Old Testament. Read the rest of this entry »
The good Samaritan story not only reminds us of our duty to our fellow man, it is a beautiful picture of the ministry of Christ. What would we have done if Jesus hadn’t stopped to pay the price for our healing? Praise God He said He is coming back! Read the rest of this entry »
Many people think that faith in Christ can be simply added , as a life enhancement, to their existing life choices but this is untrue. It is impossible to love God and the world at the same time. Christ must be chosen and the world must be renounced. This extends to our leisure activities and our friendships. We cannot be friends with both the world and God. Read the rest of this entry »
Did you know that all God cares about is being with His people? The entire bible is the story of God trying to reconcile with fallen man so that He might be in fellowship with us. The Tabernacle of Moses was both a place of temporary fellowship and a reflection of full reconciliation yet to come through Jesus Christ. Read the rest of this entry »
The true cost of embarking on a walk of faith and following Jesus is examined in this lesson. What did it cost Abram and the disciples? What will it cost us? Faith is about what we cling to. We cannot cling to God, unless we let go of everything else. Read the rest of this entry »
Like Father Abraham, believers start ventures they could never complete, fight enemies too powerful to defeat, and rely on blessings they cannot see. Men might call this “bonkers,” but God just calls it faith! Read the rest of this entry »
Follow the adventures of this charming “Gospel Seed” as he lands in every kind of earth. In this presentation, we learn about the hearts of men and the different ways they respond to the Gospel message. Read the rest of this entry »
Using bright and amusing graphics, this presentation compares the world’s values with Christ’s. Read the rest of this entry »
In today’s style and beauty obsessed world, this lesson teaches us about the type of beauty God really cares about – a beautiful heart. This presentation includes the famous Dove commercial showing how beauty commercials are really made – retouching and all! Read the rest of this entry »
In the sports world, the expression, “Leave it on the field” means that, while on the field, one should completely spend oneself in the service of his coach and team—whatever is in him should be left on the field. Our coach is Jesus and our field is the world—are we prepared to spend ourselves in His service. Read the rest of this entry »
This presentation teaches us both of the dangers of human pride and the power of unity. This lesson includes a multiple choice quiz at the end. Remember, all glory belongs to the Lord! Read the rest of this entry »
As the song says, “He may not come when you want Him, but he’ll be there right on time!” Read the rest of this entry »
What a difference a single encounter with Jesus can have in the heart of a man. In this presentation, Zacchaeus meets Jesus and becomes so transformed he is a different man! Read the rest of this entry »
In the story of Noah’s Ark we find an Old Testament picture of salvation through Jesus. It demonstrates that God has a single plan of salvation: one vessel, one door, one Savior, and one decision which every man must make—be saved or perish. God longs for us all to make the right choice. Read the rest of this entry »
Jesus used verses from the scriptures to resist Satan’s temptations, but is the Bible relevant to modern situations? This lesson uses a Q&A format to present biblical answers to common temptations facing youth today. Read the rest of this entry »
This presentation examines the roles of fathers, mothers and children in leading their families to Christ. Read the rest of this entry »
Jesus’ Kingdom is an Upside-down House (compared to the world). Up is Down & First is Last and Master is Servant. We compare thr Kingdom of God to a famous tourist attraction called "The Upside-down House." Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed." Rom.12:2 Read the rest of this entry »
There are two ways to respond to our sinful nature before God. We may choose to do good works and expect God to accept us gratefully, or we may choose to confess our sins and depend on nothing but His mercy and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. This lesson compares Cain and Abel with the New Testament story of the self righteous Publican and the humble sinner. Self righteousness in the heart will always lead to contempt for others. Guard your heart! Read the rest of this entry »
This sermon explores several misconceptions about God and explains what it means to have a relationship with Him. We look at “relationship” as a position (in Christ); legal status (sons); and heart feeling (friend). Read the rest of this entry »
Start your own meetings Go outside the church walls Use a park pavilion Use your garage Use your backyard Go… Be Creative You Can Do It GO!... GO! Read the rest of this entry »
The tree on which Jesus was crucified, though covered in blood and decked with nothing but the lifeless body of a man with a mocking sign above His head, is the most beautiful Christmas tree ever! Read the rest of this entry »
This youthful presentation compares the triune nature of God to things we understand in nature like water and eggs. Read the rest of this entry »
“From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent…” Matthew 4:17 “Repent” seems to have become thought of as a fool's word, used mostly by sign wielding, street preaching, fringe types. Yet, the prophets, John the Baptist, and Jesus Himself made it the cornerstone of their preaching ministry. Perhaps it is time to go back and reacquaint ourselves with this linchpin truth. Read the rest of this entry »
Can we ever have enough? Will we ever be satisfied? This sermon examines the differences between a grateful and an ungrateful heart. What is the true path to overflowing joy? Read the rest of this entry »
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    Dancing with joy at what The Lord is doing through you right now. Many blessings! ...more-–>
    Jan 17, 7:55 AM
  • User AvatarGary Duckworth ... is our church facebook. I have been on a tight schedule with 3 jobs however it is slowing down now. Just had some friends move to Austin, They are attending One Church. They... ...more-–>
    Jan 15, 3:51 AM
  • User AvatarGary Duckworth
    Great report... Thanks for sharing this. Eternity is changing because of what God is doing through you!!! I love it. ...more-–>
    Jan 15, 3:42 AM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Thanks Kiri God Bless! ...more-–>
    Dec 13, 3:59 PM
  • User Avatarkiri
    I LEARNT A LOT ! ...more-–>
    Dec 13, 3:37 PM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Thank you friend, God bless you. ...more-–>
    Dec 05, 8:22 AM
  • User AvatarM.kingsley
    Good ministry...spreding word of God ...more-–>
    Dec 05, 2:10 AM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Hi Gary, Yes, we feel blessed that God has let us see this fruit. We really never know what God is doing in His world or the part our small obedience plays. What's happening in... ...more-–>
    Sep 10, 8:19 AM
  • User AvatarGary Duckworth
    What a great report about the internet. Wow so great. Love you guys. ...more-–>
    Sep 10, 3:30 AM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Sorry Gary, the zip is 77840. Your thoughts are always greatly appreciated. Harold and I have always been hesitant to “pass the plate.” I guess we are concerned that it will turn people off. A... ...more-–>
    Nov 23, 3:33 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    :) ...more-–>
    Nov 23, 2:00 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    What is the zip code? Have you considered a donation box? Being that someone asked about giving. It could even go to another ministry or cause if you didnt want it to help what your... ...more-–>
    Nov 23, 12:30 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    Good to hear about some getting a heart to give. You know that you dont have to have a 501C3 right? ...more-–>
    Nov 23, 12:22 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    Really cool to watch the videos... love it ...more-–>
    Nov 23, 12:19 AM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Good one Gary!♪♫♪♫"Does anybody really know what time it is?♪♫♪♫Does anybody really care?"♪♫♪♫Sure they do-2pm! ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 9:38 PM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Sure Gary, Our address is: Harold & Therese Greenberg 301 Holleman Dr. E. #1211 College Station, TX We do not, as yet, have a legal name; therefore, any gifts would be a blessing for the... ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 7:44 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    Could you give me your mailing address? Does this ministry have a legal name (business)? ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 12:57 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    Funny how some things look good on paper (the addresses) but when ya just do it "things change." ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 12:38 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    So great... so great... ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 12:31 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    ♪♫ Saturday ♪ ♫ in the park ♪ ♫ think it was the fourth of July ♪ ♫ ..... ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 12:28 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    Thats great.... good news. ...more-–>
    Nov 18, 12:20 AM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Harold and I like to say, “This is highway and byway stuff.” We just set up, preach and see what happens. We have even stopped trying to, “nail it down” by getting all the names... ...more-–>
    Nov 09, 8:39 AM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Thanks Gary, Your kind support is truly encouraging. Like any Sunday meeting, I get a week to be ready. I have a gathering phase (thoughts, scriptures, pictures, videos) and then an organizing phase. These PowerPoints... ...more-–>
    Nov 09, 7:57 AM
  • User AvatarGary
    I'm impressed and blessed by this power point. Nicely done. ....curious, about how much time does it take to create one of these? ...more-–>
    Nov 08, 3:50 PM
  • User AvatarGary
    So cool to see and read this. Fruit of a mission field ( the best kind, rather than transferred growth). Love this :) Gary ...more-–>
    Nov 08, 3:41 PM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Wow, Charity! The young people would love her... What would she be doing... balloons, preaching, teaching, face painting, singing & playing her guitar... ? ? ? What a blessing she and her trusty companion would... ...more-–>
    Nov 01, 4:24 PM
  • User AvatarMarcia Lightsey
    Glad to hear the news. Charity was going to drop by Sunday but her party ran too long. Keep up the faithful service! ...more-–>
    Nov 01, 4:03 PM
  • KerussoKerusso
    Thanks Sue, Happy birthday to you too young one! Keep us in your prayers as we attempt to "burn out" for God rather than "rust out" as the old-timers used to say. Oops, I guess... ...more-–>
    Sep 04, 12:16 PM
  • User AvatarSusan Bramlette
    This is really wonderful, Therese. Sounds like you guys are living a full life and ministry in CS. I wish you happy days and good success for Gods Kingdom. A very nice newsletter, also. Happy... ...more-–>
    Sep 04, 12:05 PM
  • User AvatarKerusso
    Thanks Gary D, We are very grateful for all your prayers and encouragement. You never know what God will do once you get out there -- what an adventure! ...more-–>
    Jul 20, 8:57 AM
  • User AvatarGary D
    I love reading about the details of all these things. Praise God. ...more-–>
    Jul 18, 9:46 PM