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  • Free PowerPoint Sermon: Working the Harvest

    It’s harvest time!! This lesson explains the Old Testament Harvest festivals, including their relationship to Jesus and His Church. We learn why the harvest is God’s main agenda and we are strengthened and encouraged to finish His work!

The tree on which Jesus was crucified, though covered in blood and decked with nothing but the lifeless body of a man with a mocking sign above His head, is the most beautiful Christmas tree ever! Read the rest of this entry »
Jesus is God’s gift to the world! On that first Christmas, the Father gave His everything -- His only begotten Son! His gift came to us in a plain wrapper – human flesh. This wrapper was torn open at the cross where the gift was fully manifest. Read the rest of this entry »
Can we ever have enough? Will we ever be satisfied? This sermon examines the differences between a grateful and an ungrateful heart. What is the true path to overflowing joy? Read the rest of this entry »
"I said in my haste, I am cut off from before your eyes." Ps. 31:22 This lesson examines God's love for His children. A love so strong, it overpowers our own self-doubt and sin-shame. Read the rest of this entry »
Often, people contemplate life’s bigger questions. They sense their greater purpose but, at the same time, fear their insignificance. They want to understand the reason for their existence and long for it to be more than a long-lived wasteland. Let‘s say it together, “Jesus Fills the Hole in My Soul.” Read the rest of this entry »
The concept of a sacrificial lamb is universal and timeless. It is especially prominent in Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This lamb is at the heart of the Gospel. In this lesson we learn how God has inserted the promise of the “Lamb of God” throughout the scriptures. Read the rest of this entry »
There is nothing small about our God—His crumbs are as great as His full loaves, His whispers are as mighty as His shouts and His tender touch is as moving as an earthquake. Often we fail to see His glory because we are looking too high. Look for Him in the everyday and glorify Him in the heart. Read the rest of this entry »
Here, the mission of a soldier is used as a stepping stone to depict Jesus as a Man with a mission. He was willing to lay down His life to save us from the enemy of sin and death. Read the rest of this entry »
Believers are created to hear God’s voice. This lesson compares the special attributes of flying bats with the believer’s ability to hear God. Read the rest of this entry »
Good for Labor Day, this sermon tells the true story of the tragic, yet preventable loss of life that occurred in a New York City shirt factory. It reminds us all to take proper precautions with our souls. Have we planned our “fire escape?” Prepare for the inevitability—there will be no rehearsal! Read the rest of this entry »
What does an artist care about more than anything—His work! His work is a reflection of his heart and his skills. The universe shows us the amazing workmanship of God, but we are His masterpiece. He will never quit perfecting what he has begun, even if, like the potter, He needs to rework us few times. Read the rest of this entry »
In this sermon, the American flag is compared to the broken body of Jesus. The stars represent His divinity, and the stripes His suffering. This presentation contains the wonderful story of the, “Forty Brave Soldiers for Jesus.” Read the rest of this entry »

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