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Campaign Kerusso is another
way to say “Great Commission”

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature!” Mk. 16:15

“Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” I Cor. 9:16

Campaign (definition):

“To exert oneself continuously & vigorously to gain an end.”

Kerusso: (Greek) “To Preach”

OUR METHOD: “We must keep to our PREACHING as our Master did, for by this means souls are saved.”

C.H. Spurgeon

OUR CONTENT: “We must preach OUR LORD’S DOCTRINE, and proclaim a full and free gospel.”

C.H. Spurgeon

OUR STYLE: “We must preach with His GENTLENESS, BOLDNESS and LOVE; for this is the secret of success with human hearts.”

C.H. Spurgeon

OUR MEANS: “We must work under DIVINE ANOINTING, depending upon the SACRED SPIRIT.”

C.H. Spurgeon


From Our Heart to Yours

In this article, we explain our burden for outdoor preaching and our vision for the future.


How to Start an Outdoor Ministry

Want to start an outdoor ministry? This article explains exactly what we do and what we have learned along the way.

We offer links to the equipment we use and instructions on the basics of sermon development–anyone can do it!

This can be used for training young ministers.




The CK Values

Top 10 Priorities – Word List

The 10 single words most crucial to Campaign Kerusso are:

First is “JESUS” – not merely as a name to be used in prayer, but as a feeling person, our King and Master, the Savior of our souls. His story must be told again and again and He must be loved and served!

CHRISTMAS” (Incarnation), “CRUCIFIXION,” and “EASTER” (Resurrection) are next. We want to insure that the incarnation, vicarious death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ are central and prominent in all our teaching.

SIN” and “FORGIVENESS” are next. These are two sides of the same coin. We need to understand our sinfulness to truly understand and appreciate God’s forgiveness. The Holy Spirit is singularly commissioned with convincing the world of sin, so that He might then draw us to God to receive forgiveness. It is a beautiful and divine process.

Next are “GO,” “PREACH” and “SEND.”  These three words express the exciting duty of the Church. As exemplified by our Lord and the early church before us, we are, each and every one, commissioned to leave our places of comfort, preach the Gospel to the lost and send others to do the same.

The last word (but certainly not least) is “BIBLE.” The bible  commands us to to becomeworkers who have no need to be ashamed… rightly handling the word of truth” 2 Tim. 2:15.
We believe that knowledge of the entire bible is crucial to both knowing Jesus deeply and ministering Jesus to others.

In summary, here are the 10, single word principles of greatest emphasis at Campaign Kerusso:

1) Jesus

2) Christmas (Incarnation)

3) Crucifixion

4) Easter (Resurrection)

5) Sin

6) Forgiveness

7) Go

8) Preach

9) Send

   10) Bible

With God’s help, may we never stray from this GOSPEL

 Only one life, so soon it will pass.

Only what’s done for Christ will last!”

C.T. Studd


Our Theme Song: Preach the Word


Beautiful Feet Video:

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About Preaching



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  • kom:

    excellent…and i appreciate you highly…

  • A letter from Indonesia:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Tatit, K-Pact Indonesia Director and Baptist Missionary in Timor Island. Feel bless through your ministry, I have big hope that we can working together to win INDONESIA trough preaching gospel and evangelism,

    Take Care, Tatit

  • A Letter from Africa:


    Am grateful and very privileged finding your contact on the internet and I have downloaded ”Holy Week and Easter” PowerPoint presentation!

    Am in Africa, East Africa, Uganda, Kampala.

    My name is Billy (BBOSA Kibuuka Musoke Billy).

    Am a teacher, Church Am teaching at Uganda School for the Deaf-Ntinda, Kampala, teaching Deaf/Hard of Hearing young learners.

    Minister, Social Community Development Worker.

    Am Chaplain(Anglican Chaplaincy) at St Mary’s College Lugazi-SMACOL.

    Am engaged in various community development activities befitting my responsibilities and reach above.

    I envisage starting SHARE, and is now in the foundation/basic stages.
    SHARE – SPIRITUAL HARVEST AWARENESS REACHING EVERYONE is to make wider outreaches to the population with Christian practical trainings, workshops, visitations, crusades , retreats and consultancy for transformation and empowerment and the like in a changing world , yet with transferring techniques, disseminating the knowledges/skills attained for and towards peaceful Christian lifestyle, loving and supportive communities.
    This shall be mainly through use /application and provision of Gospel /Christian of resources /publications e.g. tracts, periodicals, prayer letters, theological books/fiction, Bible study courses, tools/aids-Dictionaries, Concordances, Books, Booklets, Bookmarkers, Factsheets, Posters, Calendars, Stickers, Monographs, Brochures-version resources /publications on CD ROMs , DVDs among others all to knowing and receiving /accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior for a Christian lifestyle.
    BBOSA K.M. Billy,
    POB 18010,

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